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Tyre Town - Tire Size Calculator - Change your Tire size
Tire Size Calculator
The utility that only works with Tires that exist in real life!!!

   So, why is this one different?
         - Most (if not all) calculators will let you select sizes that don't exist.
           - This one will automatically adjust the profile and rim size to only sizes that exist!
             - And you can straight away see the difference in size and search to find out what's available!!

       Then a Category   Car Tires 4x4 Tires    Winter Tires?
What Size Tire do you have now?
Width Profile Rim Size
Your tyre's height (diameter)    millimetres   inches

Show matching sizes within(3% max recommended)    
Matching Sizes on Smaller Rim
Matching Sizes on Same Rim
Matching Sizes on Bigger Rim
Click on any of the sizes in above tables to
-See the change in size, and
-Select the size for searching.
Search for Tires? (Change in height: %)
- If a 4x4 Tire is marked 31/10.5-15 or alike; 31 is approximate height in inches (but it will show in the Width drop-down) and 10.5 is approximate width in inches(but it will show in the Profile drop-down).
- Speedometer reading will differ by the same % as the % change in Tire height at the same rpm.
- A Bigger Tire: You will be traveling faster than your speedometer reading.
- A Smaller Tire: You will be traveling slower than your speedometer reading.
- It is always recommended to use the correct OEM Tire Size for your vehicle, have a look at your door tags or contact the manufacturer.
- Keep all of the above in mind if you want to change your Tire Size.

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